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Gator Skull

From Nesting To Fledging

Robert Strickland : E-Mail | Posted 04-27-2015

This Story is about my chronicling and photographing of the Great Horned Owlets from the incubation to fledging of this great bird. In the spring of this year I was at a location that has a pond and a wooded area behind the Citrus County Sheriff's office in Lecanto. Florida. It's an area of big oak trees and open meadow areas around the trees. Read more ...

Gator Skull

Florida Alligator Hunting

Joe Kegley | Randy Clark : E-Mail | Posted 05-30-2012

While I know many folks who hunt deer and waterfowl, I only have one friend who hunts gators. Obviously the process for taking a reptile with a mouth full of teeth is a little different than bagging a buck or a duck. Enter Randy Clark. Randy has been a resident of Florida all his life and has hunted waterfowl, hogs, deer, turkey, and snipe. In addition he's also quite the fisherman. Read more ...

Abandoned Automobile

Green Swamp ... Venus Flytraps

Joe Kegley | Skip Pudney : E-Mail | Posted 02-26-2013

Considered by some the creme de la creme of carnivorous plants, the Venus flytrap has fueled the imagination of writers, the desire of collectors, and the fascination of botanists. What follows is an interview with Skip Pudney about Venus flytraps and where to find them in the Green Swamp. Skip been photographing the native orchids and carnivorous plants of the Brunswick County, NC for several years. Read more ...

Abandoned Automobile

NC 288, Fontana Dam, and The Road To Nowhere

Joe Kegley | E-Mail | Updated 07-29-2012

The original intention of this article was a story specific to the abandoned cars on the Lakeshore Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. But the storyline needed to be expanded to explain why the vehicles are on the trail in the first place ... thus NC 288, Fontana Dam, and The Road To Nowhere. Read more ...

Pearson's Falls

Pearson's Falls

Joe Kegley | E-Mail | Updated 06-29-2012

Located between Saluda and Tryon North Carolina is Pearson's Falls, a mecca for wildflower enthusiasts during the spring. You get a lot of bang for your buck at this location. Along the trail during the early spring you can expect a copious distribution of blooms from a variety of species. And to top off the wildflower experience, at the end of the trail is the impressive waterfall. Read more ...

Whiteoak Sink

Whiteoak Sink

Joe Kegley | E-Mail | Updated 06-11-2012

Approximately halfway between Townsend and Cades Cove on Laurel Creek Road lies the beginning of the route to one of the most magical locations within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park called Whiteoak Sink. The botanical splendor of the wildflower display can be breathtaking. In addition, four caves, one with a waterfall, and historical artifacts make this area a fun place to explore. Read more ...


Learning Bird Vocalizations

Joe Kegley | E-Mail | Updated 01-15-2012

The -Learning Bird Vocalizations- web page has been updated to include a brief review of a wonderful new internet application called Larkwire. The program is a robust learning tool with a simple user interface for students of bird songs. The program fits perfectly into the bird song learning paradigm right after Peterson's Birding by Ear CDs. Read more ...

Sugarlands Stone Cabin

Sugarlands Stone Cabin Ruins

Joe Kegley | E-Mail | Updated 12-10-2011

Located in the southern vicinity of the Sugarlands in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park are the well hidden remains of a stone dwelling. The structure is missing the roof and flooring but the stonework is well intact. Not a small accomplishment considering the environment and years of neglect. The history behind the ruins is uncertain. Read more ...

Jacobs Fork River

South Mountains State Park

Joe Kegley : E-Mail | Steve Thomas : E-Mail | Updated 11-7-2011

An impressive waterfall, intimate cascades, and seasonal wildflowers await the naturalist or nature photographer within South Mountains State Park, North Carolina. The park isn't limited to those two activities either; campers, hikers, backpackers, mountain bikers, equestrians, trout fishermen, and picnickers will all find their perspective venues within the park. Read more ...

Red Fox Kits

Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

Jim Flowers | E-Mail | Posted 09-01-2011

Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge is the flagship within this series of articles on 'Exploring the Delaware Coast' and in this article we'll explore the diversity of wildlife and the seasonal variations that make Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge so special.

Read more ...

Woodland Beach Wildlife Area

Woodland Beach Wildlife Area

Jim Flowers | E-Mail | Posted 09-01-2011

The Woodland Beach Wildlife Area consists of three large land tracts consuming roughly 6,320 acres of coastal prairie and tidal marsh. The on-site ponds, wetlands and boardwalks make this an ideal location for nature study. Florio Road is one of the main access points to the wildlife area. It provides better viewing of several ponds without the traffic of Route 9.

Read more ...

Exploring the Delaware Bay Coast

Exploring the Delaware Bay Coast

Jim Flowers | E-Mail | Posted 09-01-2011

Delaware is rich in avian and wildlife conservation efforts state wide, and one of the largest concentrations of wildlife management areas along with state and national wildlife refuges can be found along the coastline of the Delaware Bay and its tributaries.

Read more ...

Barn Owl

Hunters of the Night - the Barn Owl

Layout and design Jim FlowersLarry Hitchens | E-Mail | Posted 07-14-2011

Not long ago I got a request from the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife for some photos and it occurred to me to ask if they would be able to assist me in getting a Barn Owl photo. Much to my surprise the reply was "Sure, we're getting ready to band the Barn Owls next week and you're welcome to come along".

Read more ...

Pennsylvania Short-eared Owl

For the Love of Owls ...

Photography by Jim Flowers | Eric Gerber | Larry Hitchens Jim Flowers | E-Mail | Posted 7-10-2011

I've been fascinated by owls since my childhood when I'd spend summers and the Christmas holidays on my grandparents farm in rural Louisiana and my evenings on their front porch. There I would listen to the hoots and chuckles of the Barred Owl in the nearby swamp on balmy summer nights or the romantic messages of a Great Horned Owl pair high in the surrounding pines during their mid winter courtship.

Read more ...

Painted Bunting

Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge

Photography by Joe Kegley | Robert KemmerlinJoe Kegley | E-Mail | Updated 07-01-2011

This refuge offers a welcome respite from gated communities and coastal development. Refuges like Harris Neck not only play a critical role in maintaining wildlife havens, they provide much needed breathing space and allow us to continue our relationship with nature and enjoy our natural resources. Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge is truly a Georgia gem.

Read more ...

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